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Upcoming show, November 19, 2023: Flipping the Apocalypse



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Preveiw Program

It's 90 seconds to doomsday
No going forward, no going back

Teetering on the edge
turned upside down and inside out
pushed to the place of truth

Time stands still
Revelations happen

featuring drama, dance, poetry and video art by 
Carport Theater veterans and new faces and voices, 
bringing together community in the spirit of hope!

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December 2022 Showcase: 9 x Apocalypse

View a playlist of videos from the show on YouTube here

See our Spring 2022 Showcase on Youtube

The Carport Theater presented ANIMA/ANIMUS 2.0 on November 13, 2021
at the Sea of Glass Center for the Arts.

for the free videoof ANIMA/ANIMUS 2.0


Since 2011 the Carport Theater's mission has been to create an imaginative space with beauty, humor, and a poetic/magical atmosphere, to help open channels to new ways of thinking. Our focus on collaborative process reflects our valuing of community, and our creativity is contagious!

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"I have enjoyed bringing my family to the Carport theatres' performances...There is always humor, drama, and reflection involved in the pieces presented...I enjoy the creative costumes, the musical variety used for each piece, and the fun of this intimate live performance space at the Carport Theatre." --Audience Member

May 2021 Showcase--Veils of the Dream
8 short pieces--see the program here
link to video of show

December 2020 Showcase
view on YouTube

A special event, see the program here
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abridged video of In The Zone, performed on November 8, 2019 at ZUZI!/Scamp & Scoundrel Stage

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