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a new Carport Theater production
Video “launch” on Youtube at 2pm PST Sunday May 24
Zoom Meeting to Follow at 2:40 pm PST; see the program here

Here is the link for viewing the video of our show on Youtube;
The video is 36 min-- you can watch it anytime but the official “launch” time is 2pm PST/ 5pm EST today
Here is the link for the Zoom discussion to follow; it will start at 2:40 PST /5:40 EST and last about 30 min
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Meeting ID: 852 1939 0290
Password: 527429

Dear Friends,
The Carport Theater started planning a performance event “Animus/Anima” in January this year; the date aimed for was May 16, and the space was the Sea of Glass in downtown Tucson.
Of course all of that had to change around the beginning of March, but we did go ahead with the development of our show by meeting weekly on Zoom and limiting live rehearsals to 3 performers.
And so we presented a pared-down version of Animus/Anima this past Friday night and Saturday night, both times to a very small audience wearing masks and observing social distance.
The live performers in our show were Melinda Dorling, Carl Freeman, Kathy Keler and Alison Torba. Diane Warren performed on video. Joke Harmonica contributed writing and artwork, Skye Nicholas helped with Zoom meetings and show lighting, and Nanette Robinson coached us on choreography. Julianne Rogers and Michael Pellegrino appear in the video at the end of the show.
We were very happy with how the shows went, and now we’d to share an abridged version (about 30 min) with a broader audience. A video of the show will be posted on Youtube on Sunday morning, with a link on this page. You are invited you to view it at 2pm, or at your convenience if that time is not good for you. A link to the Zoom meeting will be posted at the end of the video.

below, Kathy Keler, Melinda Dorling and Carl Freeman in the show finale; Alison Torba in "Opposites"

below, a still from video of Diane Warren's dance performance; and a still from video featuring Joke Harmonica's artwork