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Seeking skits/performers for November show at the Sea of Glass

Soliciting 3-9 minute skits/performers for the the Carport Theater’s upcoming show, "Animus/Anima" based on the theme detailed at the end of this post. Selected skits (performed by the skit creators) will get a $200 honorarium.

We have received a grant from the Tucson/Southern Arizona Arts Council for this project, to take place at the Sea of Glass Saturday November 13, 2021. The grant budget includes funding for video documentation, promotion, and honoraria for the performers.

We will be working with participants who are willing to do live performance, and can commit to a rehearsal schedule TBD. Developing our project will be a cooperative endeavor, so we are looking for folks willing to engage in dialog and receive feedback. If you are interested in participating, please contact Kathy Keler

Project Description
Our upcoming show planned for mid-November 2021 at the Sea of Glass on 7th Street in Tucson. The title of the show is Animus/Anima and it is an exploration of archetypes of masculine/feminine energies hidden deep within the psyche of each person, regardless of gender or sexual preference. Our show weaves together a mythic creation narrative with short skits in which masculine and feminine energies play out a variety of dramatic and comic situations. Broadly speaking, masculine energy is associated with action, logic, pride, and outward power, while feminine energy is associated with empathy, community, intuition and Nature. Our production Animus/ Anima explores how we can balance these energies, on an individual basis and as a culture.