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THE IDEA OF BEAUTY, May 14 and 15, 2016
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A 36-minute abridged version of our 75-minute show; Thank you to Luke Gil for the video!



“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.” --Rilke

In a series of short skits combining metaphysical, poetic and comic elements, a dozen characters explore the idea of beauty: does it exist as on objective standard? Can it be reduced to a formula? Is there a cost to beauty, and is it worth paying? Why do the “rules” of beauty seem to keep changing? These questions are examined in one skit showing the attempt to create a “perfect” woman, while in another they take the form of a beauty contest between men embodying the fashions of different eras. In the final ensemble piece we are led to consider a choice between seeing beauty as a source of pain, or as leading to joy and freedom.

Cast members include Tracy Brown, Melinda Dorling, Audrey Gambach, Kathy Keler, Deanna Murray, Stephen Murray, Christine O’Flaherty, Michael Pellegrino, Carol Reinhart, Paul Scott, Alison Torba, Martha Van Winkle, Diane Warren and Joe Warren; Kathy Keler is the main facilitator, with participation by the rest of the cast in the writing and planning of individual skits and vignettes. Nanette Robinson is the choreography consultant for the production.

The Idea of Beauty is the fifth play to be presented at the Carport Theater, and like last year’s show Stillness and Movement, it boldly tackles major issues about meaning and happiness in this world. It also shares in the magical/ humorous qualities of the previous three Carport productions-- Voyage to Venus (2014), Dream Stories (2013) and The Jumblies (2012).

The Idea of Beauty is a free event, but reservations are required; to make reservations, send an email to

Performer/costume maker Diane Warren and visual artist Tracy Brown
collaborate to create a fashion show with a twist

Featured in a series of short vignettes as part of The Idea of Beauty will be the fruits of a dynamic collaboration between two highly creative Tucson artists working across media. Diane Warren is a dancer and singer who also loves to design costumes for the stage. She was inspired by the artwork of Tracy Brown, with its critique of culture and media-imposed images of women. Together they are creating four different looks (which some of us may recognize) where style is serving as a mask for inner emptiness. To complement the fashion segment, a selection of Tracy Brown’s artwork will be exhibited at the Carport Theater during the show.

Below: two of the fashion vignettes, next to the artwork which inspired them

fashion concept by Diane Warren: “Date Night” artwork by Tracy Brown: “Explosive Numbness”

fashion concept by Diane Warren: “Running on Empty” artwork by Tracy Brown: “High Speed”

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